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street light manufacturer| 4 Way for Buying Cheaper Street Lights

Street lights have many different types.types of street lights are LED, SMD, Cob and solar lights. There are many street light manufacturers that produce these lights. These lights are manufactured for lighting urban and rural passages and large places. Each of the street lights has different qualities. LED and SMD lamps are less consumable than cob lights.led street light price is more expensive than other lights except solar lights. solar street light is the latest model to use sunlight to illuminate the night.Manufacturers of street lamps are trying to market the most low-cost street lamps by producing the highest quality.

street light manufacturer| 4 Way for Buying Cheaper Street Lights

What is the purpose of street lights?

What is the purpose of street lights?The main purpose of street lights, parks, squares and places by street lights is to create a suitable environment for activities to continue during the night. The lighting of the passageways enables the driver to observe the obstacles in full detail and to respond confidently and in a timely manner. The lighting of the passageways widens the field of view of pedestrians and enables people to easily and thoroughly view their work environment and do the work required.Reducing crime and increasing the hours of work in shops and markets are other benefits of street lighting.

Why are there solar street lights?

Why are there solar street lights?Solar street lights are a combination of solar and LED data.
The advantages of these lights that have become popular have been stated:

۱) Legal: Solar street lights can use street lights and you can withstand the least amount of pressure,
۲) No information: The product is green, does not harm the environment,
۳) Experts: Ability to have no underground cable as well as no power and power services.
Utilization of services everywhere: Therefore, the lights are
independent of the city electricity so they can be used as a remote
commuter and can settle in mountainous and rural settlements with the
village and so on.
۵) Longer Your Life: Between 50,000 and 100,000
hours 6) Easy installation and transportation without the need for
wiring and etc.

How does a street light work?

How does a street light work?Solar street lamps work without electricity and with support on cloudy days. This light is designed and manufactured at a power of 18 to 72 watts at a height of 3 to 9 meters with a prefabricated foundation. Solar street LED lights can provide lighting for passages and areas where grid electricity is difficult or impossible to access, such as deserts.LED Street Lights consist of various components such as ultra-low power LED projectors with 12V directional streetlights, solar panels at 30 and 60 and 90 power, Acid silide battery, automatic battery charger, Metallic structure.

Why is street lighting important?

Why is street lighting important?Spending time in passages and during a city trip is an integral part of urban life. Nightlife and overnight traffic, especially in big cities, make it possible for citizens to spend part of their time on urban roads. In order to maintain the quality of our work during these times, we need to provide lighting and importance to its standards along the urban network.

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