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projector lamps sales south Africa| Best seller models and suppliers 2019

Projector lamp or projector bulb is an ultra-high pressure mercury vapor ARC lamp. Philips named it UHP lamp. Based on the bulb technology and projector type, the life span of the lamp is different In general, projector lamp lasts about 2000 hours. The life of the projector lamps is based on the curve of the alarm.

Projector lamps manufacturers compete to offer the best product which will attract the customer satisfaction and promote their brand. Projector lamps suppliers should use a technical and support team to respond to the needs.

This article is mainly about projector lamps sales South Africa and also, we will talk about best seller models and suppliers 2019 and we will guide you to have a right selection.   

projector lamps sales south Africa| Best seller models and suppliers 2019

How long does projector lamps last?

How long does projector lamps last?All of the projector lamps last in a given time frame which is called active time of the lamp. This time is expressed in terms of hours, usually between 1500 to 2000 hours. Of course, newer models will last more than 5000 hours. As indicated, the projection time of the projector lamp is based on the curve of the alarm.

The ideal mode for the longer life of the projector lamp is to work 3 to 5 hours a day in a fairly clean environment. Projectors that work longer and are exposed to environmental pollution, have a life span less than the specified value and there is the possibility of a broken lamp in them. Metal halide (high pressure mercury) projector lamps when its life ends, the image quality goes down and the light of the lamp diminishes. Also, image shake shows the lamp replacement time.

New projector bulbs have a replacement time.

Below is the list of steps you can take to make the lamp of projector last longer. 

  • One of the reasons for breaking the lamp is overheating. Do not let it get too hot.
  • Allow the lamp to cool down for ten minutes after turning off.
  • When the projector is on, do not move it.
  • The air filters of the projector should be cleaned regularly, use it in a fairly clean environment. 
  • Be sure to have an open space around the fan of the projector.
  • Use the economic mode of projector to make the lamp last longer.
  • Do not place the projector in very hot or very cold environments. 

۱۰ durable projector lamps models 2019

10 durable projector lamps models 2019The projector is a very powerful device that is used today at conferences, home, educational centers and so on. Because of its varied application and its importance, nowadays there are different projectors in the market and you should choose the best one for you.  In this article we will guide you to have the best selection of project. 

The projectors are different depending on where they are used. Of course, there is a type of projector that works for everything, but you may want to choose it according to your needs.

We have home theater that they are designed for home theater, business projectors are for conference hall , short throw projectors for classrooms and pico projectors are in small size and they are mobile .

The best lamp lasts for 4000 to 6000 hours, apparently there are lamps with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours in the market.

projector lamps wholesales in south Africa

projector lamps wholesales in south AfricaProjector lamps wholesales in this area have years of experience and offer their own special lamp for a variety of projectors. You can buy original projector lamp module (OEM) , projector bare bulb, xenon lights or projector lamp with housing which one that you need. They also provide accessories for projectors and they accept both retail and wholesale. They have 8 months warranty.

These wholesalers are directly related to the dealers. So, you almost buy it without intermediaries. Also, they have technical team and expert support. You can buy the best projector lamp at the lowest cost and save at your own expense. 

projector lamps price list 2019

projector lamps price list 2019In the past few years, we had a drop in projector price. There are many models in the market right now that they cost almost $1000. Some projector lamps are about $300 but, most of them are about $350 to $450. People often use input projectors, not the main projectors because the lamp replacement price is lower.

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