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LED Shop Lights | Where to Find Best Suppliers?

LED lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently
than incandescent light bulbs. How do they work? An electrical current
passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we
call LEDs and the result is visible light. To prevent performance
issues, the heat LEDs produce is absorbed into a heat sink.

LED lighting differs from incandescent and fluorescent. When designed well, LED lighting is more efficient, versatile, and
lasts longer.

LEDs  emit light in a
specific direction but incandescent and CFL,  emit light and
heat in all directions. That means LEDs are able to use light and energy
more efficiently in a multitude of applications. However,we need to produce an LED light bulbs
that  Spread the light in every direction.energy consumption in LED is lower than light bulbs.

LED Shop Lights: you can buy this LED lights from electric stores in two ways :in person or online.

LED Shop Lights | Where to Find Best Suppliers?

Which Types of Led Light Bulbs Have more Sales?

Which Types of Led Light Bulbs Have more Sales?Features of the Proper lighting: increased productivity and reduced accidents. Many studies prove this fact that productivity increases from 10 to 40 percent.
Effective lighting helps reduce eye strain and also reduces work stress. When you can see everything clearly, you will be able to work properly.
There is a Little difference between different lights, so you need to be very careful at select led lights. because firstly you don’t want to waste your money and secondly you need results. so you should get acquainted with types of LED lights to choose the best one as needed.

Division of LEDs in industry based on manufacturing technology:

۱٫Power LED: the primary types of LEDs.



some types of LED lamps available in markets:

۱٫led light bulbs

۲٫filament led lights

۳٫ halogen led light(COB and SMD)

۴٫ rice led lights

۵٫tube led lights

۶٫ceiling led lights

Best LED Shop Lights in the Asia

Best LED Shop Lights in the Asia  led lights are produced in some countries in different companies in different shapes and sizes and applications. they are the producer of high output led bulbs.

actually iran is the fifth producer of this LED lights in the world. in iran low consumption lights are produce just in yazd.

for find the Best LED Shop Light compare the manufacturer companies of this product. then after comparison price and types of it select the best.

LED Shops Light Prices vs Global Market Price

LED Shops Light Prices vs Global Market PriceLED prices depending on sort of this lights can be variable.

global led lights price:

The market value of LED lighting has continuously expanded in the past years with the progress of the technology. According to the latest report of LED, LED
lighting market scale will reach US$ 33.3 billion in 2019 and LED
lighting market penetration will come to 63 percent in 2022 from 22
percent in 2017.

average LED price: The data
collected during January 2011 to July 2018 shows that the average price
of 60-watt equivalent LED products has dropped from around US$ 45-50 in
January 2011 to below US$ 10 by July 2018. The current price for LED
lamp product is only one fifth compared to the price seven years ago. 

How Exporting LED Lights Can be Profitable?

How Exporting LED Lights Can be Profitable?the most important exporting led lights countries:

۱٫The United States is the largest export market for China. In 2018,
the value of LED products exported to the U.S. is up to 4.065 billion
dollars, account for 27.22% of China’s LED export market. With no doubt, the U.S. remains rank first with the total export
volume of 4.065 billion dollars, registering a year-on-year increase of

۲٫The 2nd largest export market to China is Germany with an export volume
of 777 million dollars, with year-on-year growth of 11.65%.

۳٫The United Kingdom is ranking 3rd with an export volume of 533 million dollars, with a year-on-year decrease of 6.89%.

۴٫Japan stands on the 4th number with a total exported volume of 528 million dollars, with year-on-year growth of 1.61%.

after these countries france – vietnam – Netherlands- Australia – Canada and Brazil respectively do the most exporting of leds in the world.

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