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High mast light | Urban & Street Lighting Providers

Considering the high rate of population increase over the world, thousands of thousands people migrated to the big cities in the past centuries. More population led the cities to develop and make bigger and bigger. As a fact, a big populated city or even town needs many infrastructures to supply minimum requirements for its citizens. These infrastructures such as pipelines, power supply, illumination, security, and etc can change the quality of life in any city.
As stated, one of the most important factors and considerations in any city is its illumination supply. To supply required illumination, many different procedures have been considered by experts and engineers. Considering the importance of that,  high mast light has been widely utilized in many towns and cities as an effective way.

High mast light | Urban & Street Lighting Providers

high mast lighting technical specifications

high mast lighting technical specificationsLight towers or high mast lighting are utilized for lighting large areas such as parks, promenades, squares, streets, bridges, building sites such as hospitals, factories and etc. Optical towers are in the light of the base of street lighting, because the optical towers are not suitable for the illumination of places of long length and low width.

In the design and construction of lighting towers, the following items should be considered as high mast lighting specifications:
۱) Wind speed and wind pressure forces in the area
۳) Tower weight to calculate the foundation;
۴)  Resistance to earthquakes and other natural disasters;
۵) Compliance with international standards;

Light towers or high mast lighting are produced at regular heights of 12 to 60 meters in three types such as fixed baskets, a movable basket with a hand-wheel and a moving basket with an electric motor. The outer surfaces of the towers are protected by hot galvanizing. The safety of the tower basket is also provided by interlock and parachute locks. In fixed basket type, the thickness of the base is usually considered to be more than the weight of the basket and ladder. The number and type of required projectors must be calculated by specialized software.

best high mast lighting system

best high mast lighting systemMany high mast lighting systems have been used in different cities. The important factor herein is the efficiency of those system based on power and illumination they generate and energy that they consume. Considering these points, the best high mast lighting system is that system saves energy besides generating acceptable and suitable illumination for the residents. Indeed, to achieve an effective lighting system, it is necessary to provide sufficient height for them. The height of the installation of the lights in urban and even between urban areas is important. However, the height of the installation of the base of the lamp is higher, especially on highways and freeways, the comfort of drivers and occupants of cars is more fully utilized.

best street lighting suppliers

best street lighting suppliersThere are some companies that supply street lighting in any town. Based on a survey that was held on Europe, 14 urban lighting providers were assessed according to 10 criteria. Among these companies and lighting providers, Signify (previously known as Philips Lighting), Itron and Telensa were ranked as top three companies. The criteria which these companies were assessed are stated as below:

۱) Vision
۲) Go-to-market strategy
۳) Partners
۴) Product strategy
۵) Geographic reach
۶) Market presence
۷) Sales, marketing and distribution
۸) Product features and portfolio
۹) Product integration
۱۰) Staying power

price estimation for high mast lighting

price estimation for high mast lightingIn general, supplying illumination is a difficult and expensive process. The costs will be higher if the high mast lighting in large scales is supposed to be done. There is no detailed estimation how much providing high mast lighting cost. Thus, to gain precise information about the prices, it is enough to contact with the lighting providers and the related companies. It is more effective than any estimation. Moreover, maintenance costs are significantly high, so that they must be considered for price estimation.

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