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Best Price for Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar powered street lights are sources of lights on streets which work by sunshine energy. Most of them are equipped by LED lights which are very economical.

The device stores energy in a rechargeable battery and the light gets the power from the battery.

As lights are for the darkness, solar powered street lights are designed to lighten the streets at night to reduce the risk of traffic in darkness.

solar powered street lights
General features of solar powered street lights

General features of solar powered street lights

Almost all solar powered street lights have sensor to turn on and off the light automatically as day start to get dark.

The battery provided for this kind of light can keep the light working for days. During every season there are days that are cloudy and the sunshine may not be available enough. With the special battery there is nothing to worry about.

The latest products have wireless technology which makes it very easy to control the solar powered street lights.

The LED lights is used in many lighting devices these days. They are adequately bright and consume much less energy than the conventional lights.

As it is required to be placed on streets, the solar powered street lights are resistance against the wind and the rain. Both the wind and the rain are the main causes of street light breakdown.

solar powered street lights

The advantages of using solar powered street lights

The advantages of using solar powered street lights

Solar powered street lights are a great solution for locations that are far away and there is no possibility of cable connection in there.

It is very risky and dangerous to provide mountainous areas with cable electricity. There are also cities and villages so far away from the central cities which makes it almost impossible to have cable connections.

Solar powered street lights are the solution. They can be parted to smaller parts and carried away and then assembled in the distention.

Air Pollution is a serious problem these days. Experts in different fields are always finding ways to reduce pollution in cities by reducing the consumption of electricity.

Solar powered street lights have the cleanest source of power. The sun as a power source produces no pollution to the air. Therefore, be expanding the usage of these lights cities will have surely less pollution.

The solar powered street light’s system is not at all complicated. Doing maintenance stuff is not hard and costly. There are just some check-ups and clean-ups every month, for example.

solar powered street lights
Types of solar lights for streets

Types of solar lights for streets

Solar powered street lights are usually within three voltage type. The first type’s input power is 12V which consumes utmost 24W.

The second type has a 24V input power and consumes 48W of energy. The third type’s input is 24V but consumes 96W of energy.

Therefore, the lights’ energy consumption is very low and cheap. Every street needs a number street lights. It would cost a lot of electricity to equip them with old high voltage and high energy consuming kinds of lights. Sun asks no money for shining on solar powered street lights.

solar powered street lights
Improving the night time by solar street lights

Improving the night time by solar street lights

The Solar powered street lights are very bright especially with LED lights. Because they spend less energy a lot of them can be used at the same time and make everywhere bright.

Installing solar LED lights all over a city can help people see the landscapes, and other spectacular parts of the city at night which make the city very beautiful and attractive.

Making outdoor bright enough will allow people get together during the night and do activities together. Sporting and community gathering are good examples. The lights make  nights to be like days.

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